2 Wise Women courses offer you the opportunity to rediscover your authenticity…

The concept of 2 Wise Women

The concept of 2 Wise Women was hatched in a guest house in Ubud, Bali where Mary and Coralie were holed up for a few days while Mary nursed a badly sprained ankle. Taking this opportunity to look at how they could continue to share their love of Yoga and Ayurveda with others, the name emerged.

Who are the 2 Wise Women?

How do the “2 Wise Women” bring about change?

Is “2 Wise Women” only for women?


No-one would argue the importance of living a life that is authentic…but how many of us feel we are truly doing that at the moment?




  • love from Jenny
    Thanks to both of you for your support and care. It was a bit of an emotional weekend for me, but I'm so much better for it now!
    love from Jenny
  • xxleelee
    I am feeling like a new women! I've got back into my daily practice and am really feeling the beneficial effects already. I picked up so many gems from you and Mary over the weekend, with the main one being just to keep it simple and be kind to myself. So far it's working really well! My husband has an unhappy hip at the moment and I used the hip massage and ginger compress therapy on him yesterday with great success.  He was astounded with the result. . . looks like I have a new role to play as weekly masseur!   Enjoy your day
  • Vee xx
    Thank you both for creating this retreat. It was everything I hoped for, needed and much, much more. I highly recommend it to women of all ages and life stages. It’s such a gift to yourself to do it. What I’ve come away with is truly invaluable. Wow. With much gratitude,
    Vee xx
  • Stephanie
    I felt very insular when I came home, just wanting to be with myself and sit with my 'feelings' and… I have been really conscious of trying to protect my 'progesterone' by taking time to relax. I have been up at 5am each morning to do my morning sadhana, using the exercises you took us through and the breath work. I love it. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom and knowledge.
  • Leelee
    Thank you both for such a wonderful weekend and retreat!  It was deeply nourishing and it felt so good to have been nurtured rather than being the nurturer. I am so appreciative of the little (huge) gem of wisdom that came right at the end of the weekend, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should”.   A great reminder for me to think judiciously. It was a delight meeting you both and I look forward to connecting with you again in the future. Namaste


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